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FAQ - Granby

What is an alarm system?

An alarm system is your best tool to prevent intrusion, theft, vandalism of your property and fire hazards. Often inexpensive, our complete systems are easily adapted to your protection needs. 

The effectiveness of the system is maximized when it is linked by remote monitoring.

Our ULC central station, at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allows the competent authorities to intervene very quickly.

How to avoid a false alarm ?

When your alarm system is accidentally triggered, it is important to remain calm. Dial your code on the keypad to disarm your system. 

Within one minute, if the central station has not called the protected premises, do not wait any longer and call the toll-free number of the Monitoring Center. You will speak directly with an operator from our ULC in order to cancel the call to the appropriate authorities.

It is important that you identify yourself by giving your address, name and password, and indicate that it was a false alarm. By following this procedure, you will prevent the police or fire department from arriving on the scene for unnecessary reasons.

How do you avoid a fine due to unnecessary travel by the proper authorities ?

Many municipalities will accept a number of false alarms before imposing fines. Regulations vary from one municipality to the other.

To avoid such fines:

• Make sure that all users of the alarm system know how it works;

• Check with your municipality to make sure you are familiar with the alarm system by-law;

• Minimize all moving objects that could move or fall, thus triggering an unfounded alarm during your absence;

• Don't be afraid to let your pets roam freely when you are away, as long as your motion detectors are adapted for this purpose.

How do I update my file and emergency contact list ?

Making changes to your file and updating your emergency contact list is very simple. Simply call the Alarme Top Sécurité office in your area or contact us by email at Our employees will be happy to make the desired changes to your file.

Please make sure you know your password, because for security reasons, if your name does not appear in the file or if the password is not correct, we will not be able to make the desired changes.

Can I have an alarm system even if I have a pet ?
Of course you can! Although having a pet that has free access to the protected premises can be an additional obstacle to the alarm system, there are technologies capable of differentiating between animals and intruders. In fact, a motion detector can ignore an animated object weighing less than 100 pounds. Don't hesitate to ask; Alarme Top Sécurité's representatives will be happy to provide you with more information.
Does my alarm system work during a power outage ?
Yes, inside the panel of your alarm system, there is a battery that powers the circuits. It acts as a sort of backup battery, as it takes over only when there is no more electricity. When it is low, your system sends us a signal that your battery needs to be replaced. We will contact you to let you know. The low battery signal is also visible on your keyboard.
Why is it important to test my alarm system regularly ?

Since the primary purpose of an alarm system is to protect in the event of an emergency, it is important to ensure that it is working properly. An operational communication link is therefore essential.

You can contact us at any time to find out how to test your security system. If you are not comfortable with this process, we can easily send a technician to assist you and service your security system.

Can I activate my system even when I stay on the premises ?

Yes, you can. When you activate your alarm system and stay on the premises, it is a partial activation. That is, your doors and windows are armed, but the interior motion detectors are not - so you can move about the premises freely. However, as soon as you open an armed zone, the siren goes off and there is an alarm. This type of activation is mainly used in the evening or at night, when everyone sleeps safely and securely.

Can I change the battery in my alarm system myself ?

Yes. Replacing your battery is simple. Before disconnecting the wires of your weak battery, contact us to inform you of the procedure to follow. With the help of your file, we will be able to guide you properly.

All battery sizes are available at our offices and we recover old batteries for environmentally friendly disposal.

If you are not sure how to change your battery, do not hesitate to call on a competent technician from Alarme Top Sécurité.

What can I do when I move ?

It’s so simple! As soon as you know the date of your move, you can contact us to inform us. It is very simple for us to transfer your services to your new address. 

If there is no system installed at your new address, we offer a wireless alarm system that is easy to install and tailored to your needs. This way, you will always be protected. 

Of course, if you are able to provide us with the contact information of the new owners, we will contact them to find out if they wish to continue the Central’s services with us.

What does “ULC” mean ?

"ULC” is the abbreviation for Underwriters' Laboratory of Canada. It is an organization that regulates and monitors the standards of the alarm companies it accredits. To be ULC-certified, you must undergo regular inspections and comply with the organization's procedures.

Insurance companies give preference to alarm companies that are certified by ULC, giving consumers discounts on their home insurance premiums that vary from 10% to 38% depending on the insurer.